Mission Vision

It is the purpose of New Hope Christian Academy to passionately educate and inspire children in His Glory.

Message from our Executive Director

It is a privilege to be educating children with a dedicated team of professionals who possess a thorough understanding and sensitivity toward students. We provide all of our students with opportunities to maximize their academic and personal potential. Offering a quality Christian environment will insure a positive, accepting and inspiring place for each individual. We value the unique characteristics, and commitment, talents that both students and parents bring to this partnership. Mrs. Miriam Dake Executive Director

Our New Name

Why We Are Changing Our Name

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Enrollment is Now Open!


Documents required for enrollment:
  • Photo of the student
  • Application for enrollment
  • Tuition fee policies
  • Letter of agreement for handbook
  • Complete and updated immunization records
  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Health statement for preschool students only
  • All forms requested by the school office
  • All fees and first tuition paid
  • Items on your teachers class supply list
Are you ready to enroll your child in Good Samaritan Lutheran School?
Elementary  or  Preschool 

Giving Opportunities for Finish and Furnish

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School News

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